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Chocolat Madagascar Organic 70%

Organic bean-to-bar from Madagascar

Madecasse Toasted Coconut

70% Madagascan chocolate with coconut flakes.

Madécasse Cinnamon & Sakay Chili

Madagascan chocolate with cinnamon & chilli.

Menakao: The Chocolate That Keeps On Giving

Behind the scenes at Menakao Chocolate.

Menakao Milk Chocolate With Madagascan Vanilla

Milk chocolate with Madagascan vanilla & salt.

Menakao 63% Madagascar With Cocoa Nibs & Sea Salt

Madagascan chocolate with sea salt & nibs.

Madécasse 70%

Even with less than two days in San Francisco, I still had to peer into a couple of chocolate shops in the area. (Ghirardelli Square doesn’t count: it’s a great place to spend the afternoon but not a major chocolate …

Hotel Chocolat The Purist Madagascar Dark 72%

I chose this bar from Hotel Chocolat, partly because I wanted a change from the usual seasonal promotional items they send us, but primarily because I’m a big fan of Madagascan chocolate. This is the first time I’ve had one …

Malagasy Mora Mora

Another bar from the Malagasy chocolate company, this 73% cocoa chocolate bar won a Silver Award from the Academy of Chocolate and is described as ‘a true origin fine chocolate’. Like its sister bar, the Sambirano, the cocoa beans for …

Sambirano Madagascar Dark Chocolate

I was looking forward to trying this single estate, Equitrade chocolate bar. It’s made by a family on Madagascar from the three ‘classic’ varieties of bean – Criollo, Trinitario and Forastero – and is harvested, fermented and made into chocolate …

Amano Madagascar & Ocumare

A pair of wonderful artisan, bean-to-bar dark chocolates from Amano.
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