Lindt Excellence Coffee Intense (Redux)

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Lindt Excellence Coffee Intense

Now I don’t know about the rest of you, our beloved readers, but I’ve never really got on with coffee in chocolate. It seems to me that two flavours which should get along famously (and I refer specifically to espressochoc and chocolate coated coffee beans as examples that work) somehow seem to end up disagreeing when they find themselves being blended in a bar of chocolate. Think about the ‘coffee one’ in a bag of Revels – whoever heard of anyone scrabbling to find THAT choccy?

So when I saw this bar sitting on the shelf I immediately thought “Aha! Lindt coffee chocolate! Surely the Swiss cocoa wizards can come up trumps!”


Yep, just when I had convinced myself that Lindt could coat horse manure in chocolate and make it delicious, I find myself backing away from one of their products. The strange thing is, it should all work. I mean, we have Lindt’s 47% dark chocolate with 1% coffee. Okay, the chocolate could be a little more cocoa-heavy, but ostensibly the thing should work. It just doesn’t – at least not for me. The chocolate seemed to be somewhat dull tasting, and the coffee flavour didn’t really lift the overall taste to any new level.

The standout ‘wrong thing’ for me had to be when I bit into a square and came across what felt (and tasted) like an instant coffee granule. I haven’t touched a cup of instant in many, many years, so that really did it for me.

So there you have it – my first Lindt reject. Proof that not everything they do is amazingly good. Just most of it.

Footnote from Dom: Simon reviewed this without realising I had already reviewed it… and that I liked this bar, primarily for the reason he didn’t – the ‘granular’ coffee. Just goes to show, you can’t please everyone all the time… not even a Chocablogger!

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  1. Rachel

    The coffee revel is so tasty!
    I love chocolate and coffee so it’s a shame the Lindt bar wasn’t too good. 🙁

  2. LindtLover

    I am shocked and appalled.

  3. hayley

    how very dare you ! coffee intense is the best chocolate in the world.. my absolute fave.. pity i have to go out of town to buy my stash as its sometimes hard to get hold of.

  4. In Andorra a couple of years ago, I came across a Lindt milk chocolate with coffee. Never seen it before nor since and it was a devil of a job searching for it on the Lindt websites. I bought about 6 bars but they didn’t last long.

    Thankfully Sainsburys seem to be doing the next best thing but it has the crunchy bits in the milk chocolate, which the Lindt version didn’t.

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