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Lindt Excellence Coffee IntenseIf you read my review of the mint version of this bar, you’ll know I liked it, but didn’t find it particularly intense.

Well this bar has exactly the same format – a 100g bar divided into 10 large, flat squares of solid chocolate – but it has an altogether more intense flavour to it.

I think that’s mainly down to the nature of the beast. This is made with Arabica coffee – and while the label lists the coffee content as only 1%, it obviously doesnt take a lot to produce a rich, intense coffee flavour because this bar definitely delivers a real coffee hit.

Lindt Excellence Coffee IntenseThe chocolate itself is exactly the same as the Mint Intense bar, except with this bar you can actually see the coffee when you bite into the chocolate. It’s not dissimilar to a granulated (instant) coffee embedded in the chocolate.

That might not sound particularly appealing, but it’s an interesting texture that melts away completely without leaving any nasty bits behind.

The overall effect works really well, and if you’re a coffee lover you should give this one a try. It’s probably the most genuine coffee ‘experience’ I’ve tasted in a bar of chocolate – right down to the caffeine hit at the end.

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  1. river

    Adding it to my shopping list as we speak.

  2. LindtLover

    I’ve been checking out the Excellence range for a while, but now I’m on the Lindt Desserts. By far my favourites so far are Creme Brulee (Already reviewed here) and Tiramisu. Irish Coffee is also well worth a try.

  3. sheila Lye

    I have bought Lindt Excellence coffee intense chocolate bars for ages and could usually get it in Sainsbury’s Chippenham Wilts(my local supermarket) but they have withdrawn it as have Whitehall garden centre Lacock,I had to travel 15 miles away to Malborough Waitroses to get supplies I have now found Melksham Waitroses now stock it which isn’t quite so bad but I would like to get it more local.My husband and myself get through about 4 bars a week and have been buying a months supply at a time,we love the bitter dark chocolate taste with the tangy bits of coffee and let it melt on the tongue,beautifur flavour.We caravan a lot through the summer and always take supplies with us.When we run out we look in the supermarkets while we are away but never ever see it only the orange intense which we do not like so much.Do you supply coffee intense in bulk by post?

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