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Another (continental) member from the same stable as the Cherry & Chilli bar, and the selection that Kath reviewed a while back, this particular bar is made from the same 70% dark chocolate and contains the same percentage (28%) of dark chocolate mousse. The twist this time is that the filling that constitutes 18% of the overall mass (this is all very precise, isn’t it?) is made from fig and caramel.

It’s good. Very good indeed. I recommend that Matt from Aussie Lindt tries his very best to make sure Kath gets to try it.

The chocolate is dark, shiny and bitter. The mousse filling light yet still somewhat bittersweet, and the fig and caramel filling gives it a fruity, dark undertone of sweetness that is quite sublime.

It’s another superb blending of flavours from the kings of mass produced high end chocolate. These guys are good at what they do, and they always deliver on flavour. Other than the coffee bar (which was purely my personal taste) I have to say I have enjoyed countless bars of Lindt chocolate, and the excitement in finding a new bar like this is in trying to predict how the flavours being described on the box will translate onto your palate. There’s usually a pleasant surprise (the warming afterglow of Chilli in the Cherry & Chilli bar springs to mind) and it’s that immediate burst of sophisticated fruit and dark sugary tastes that leads you back to the box for just one more square.

Seek this one out folks, it’s a corker.


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  1. Matt, Thomas, if you’re reading this – get this flavour down under NOW. Please.

  2. Maggie

    Give me Lindt in any variety, at any time of day or night, and I guarantee you it’ll be gone in seconds. I particularly love the dark chocolate with coffee and the red Lindor chocs, but this one looks (and sounds) seriously delicious, too. Is it available in any British department store?

  3. PNR

    This is a brilliant bar indeed! How sad that it is very difficult to find Lindt Creation or Petits Desserts range in my city (Perm, it is Russian Federation) 🙁

  4. HMO

    Tried some of this in Switzerland, it was delicious with coffee. Have not been able to locate any since. Does anyone know where I can get it in the UK ?

  5. gadave joel

    Est-ce normal que dans la denomination de votre chocolat fig & caramel, le mot fig soit ecrit ainsi au lieu de figue ? Merci de votre reponse

  6. Rosalind Williams

    Why, oh why, oh why, can I not get this Fig and Caramel Lindt chocolate anywhere other than in Germany, it is driving me insane. I can buy all sorts of flavours in Australia, but alas, no Fig and Caramel. Can anyone please relieve my aching palate and tell me why they wont export it to the wider world. It is nothing short of torture, that I might only ever have this chocolate within my palm, when I go to Europe, which is not too often. I’m clearly broken hearted.

  7. ClintR

    I found this (Lindt fig and caramel) in Spain in 2010. I was very eager to get back home to Melbourne and buy it by the truck load, only to find that it’s not available in aus. I’m still searching

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