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NewTree Thym

It's been a while since I tasted anything from NewTree, but this bar caught my eye when I was in Belgium earlier this year.

Paul A. Young Pistachio & Lemon Thyme Caramel Mallow

A hand painted dome of 64% Valrhona Madagascan chocolate. Inside, there’s a layer of pistachio flavoured marshmallow, with a second layer of lemon thyme caramel on top.

Planète Chocolat White Chocolate with Thyme

White chocolate with thyme? What an odd choice for a flavour combination. Obviously, it was therefore my first choice for a chocolate bar to bravely pick up on our trip to Belgium. I do love white chocolate and I’ve had …

Lindt ‘Chocolat Provence’ Orange & Thyme Fantasy

It wouldn’t be Europe if I couldn’t find another ‘previously unknown’ Lindt bar or two. This is one of a brace I bagged in Vienna, and as you can see from the packaging, Lindt have decided to go all rustic …
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