Lindt Calvados

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Lindt Calvados

Further proof of two things:

  1. Lindt are constantly adding to their range of flavours
  2. European consumers have access to a much wider (and consequently more interesting) range of flavours than we are here in the UK.

One cannot help but wonder if Lindt are intent on producing a different bar of chocolate for every day of the year. As previously mentioned by Dom, those Swiss chocolate wizards seem to be constantly releasing new, unusual and interesting flavours, and this is no exception. The bad new is that this Lindt bar was purchased in Germany, and as far as I am aware is not available in the UK.

Now I’m quite partial to a shot of Calvados, so I was rather pleased to see this bar. It follows the same ‘blister’ format as the previously reviewed Raspberry and Pistachio bars, and is made of the same high quality milk chocolate. However, in order to accommodate the Calvados it has been necessary to line the inside of each chocolate ‘blister’ with sugar. Unfortunately this process makes the already sweet chocolate INCREDIBLY sweet, and the small amount of Calvados contained within has little chance of cutting it’s way through that amount of sweetness. It’s hard to get past the sugary overload from the combination of the milk chocolate and the light inner coating of crystal sugar which prevents the liqueur from escaping.

I’m no expert on liqueur making, but I’m willing to bet that if this is how Lindt have done it, it’s the way it has to be done, so essentially we have a very sweet chocolate with a small hit of alcohol – not enough to make it into a great taste experience in my opinion. It’s rather unusual to find myself writing this, but on this occasion I can’t help but think that this is fairly unremarkable chocolate making. I’m sure that in the Eu this bar isn’t terribly expensive, but I’m certain that were it to be imported into the UK it would be, and as such I wouldn’t recommend it unless you happen to be in Germany or France and snap it up for a few Euros.


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  1. Simon, was this refridgerated or forzen at any point? Because when I’ve stored Lindt bars of this “blister” format before in the cold, and I found that a sugar crust forms on the inside there that not normally there when the bar is stored at room temp. I’ve had that happen to my raspberry bars before. So maybe it’s not an manufacturer issue but a storage one. Just a thought. 😉

  2. Simon

    No, I stored it in a cool (but not cold) cupboard. Of course, it did have a trip in the cargo hold of an aeroplane which may account for it.

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I’ve noticed the same thing on these Lindt bars – I presumed it was deliberate and done to keep the very liquid centre and chocolate from forming a big mush.

  4. özlem

    I want to buy this chocalate but I live in istanbul and I don’t know where buying. you can help me?

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