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KitKat Fine DarkI’ve not had a lot of good things to say about certain varieties of KitKat in the past, so I was quite worried about this one.

You see, I like dark chocolate. And I even quite like regular KitKats, but often large manufacturers mess up when they create new versions of their best sellers – particularly when “upgrading” to dark chocolate.

But upon opening the wrapper, first impressions are good. It definitely looks and smells like dark chocolate. And the standard, slim KitKat fingers look so much better than the brick-like ‘Chunky’ varieties.

Breaking a finger off and snapping it in two, it somehow feels a little crunchier than a standard milk chocolate KitKat. I’m not sure if that’s just my imagination or if it really is crunchier, but it’s certainly not a bad thing.

KitKat Fine DarkAnd the taste? Well, it’s pretty good actually. The wrapper states proudly that the chocolate contains 52% cocoa solids, but I would have guessed a little higher.

It’s not as smooth as some more expensive dark chocolates I could mention though. To me it tastes a little like drinking chocolate – the bitter-sweet taste is there, but it lacks a little of the full “chocolateyness” you’d expect from something more expensive.

The back of the packet suggests you dunk your KitKat in your coffee (with a helpful picture to illustrate the procedure), and while I’m not really a coffee drinker, I could see how this would work. You wouldn’t want to dip it in too long though, or or you’d just end up with some kind of Soggymochachino snack/drink.

Overall, this is a nice little snack. It’s not a ‘posh choc’ and probably wouldn’t get this every day either, but it’s a nice little treat for KitKat lovers and dark chocolate lovers alike.

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  1. Compared to a lot of Kit Kats this one’s pretty decent. I’ve been on a right Kit Kat bender recently and have more coming on the post. Can’t say I’m looking forward much to Melon flavour.

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Terry: Is that one of the Japanese varieties?

  3. It is, yeah. I actually dislike melon so I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to buy a pack. It’s not just money I sacrifice in my neverending chocolate adventure, as I’m sure you have no doubt discovered yourself.

  4. Chocoholic123

    kit kat chunky peanut butter is by far the best kit kat invention ever made! does anyone like the cadburys boost and starbars mmm:P

  5. Boosts are good, they were one of the first things I reviewed actually.

  6. Chuck O'Late

    Was in Malaysia (not the home of chocolate) 3 years ago and found 2 delicious varieties of chunky kitkat – orange, and caramel, both same size as original, and both more, more, more. Came back to Ireland (biggest per capita confectionary eaters in world apparently), no varieties, until about 6 months later, then a much inferior, smaller, more expensive sealed wrapped version of caramel and orange. And very little of the more. Didnt last. How could Nestle get it so wrong over here and squander it over there where you can get a meal for same price as as Kitkat.
    And where has Wispa caramel gone?

  7. Melissa

    I want this in America! All we have is regular kit kats and big kats — your “chunky.” No peanut butter, no dark chocolate, no cookie dough… AND it’s made by Hershey’s here, not Nestle. So weird. I must search the airport next time to see if there’s any of these international Kit Kats around…

  8. Why did KitKat cry? Because the old makers were a wafer so long!

  9. looks like milk chocolate

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