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Haigh’s Berries

Fruit flavoured chocolate balls from Haigh's

Haigh’s Dark Couverture

A simple 53% dark chocolate from Australian chocolate maker Haigh's.

Haigh’s Milk Chocolate Sultanas & Scorched Almonds

It is with some measure of sadness that I am leaving my home state – and the proud home of Haigh’s Chocolates – South Australia – for a new(ish) life in Melbourne. However it is with great comfort to know …

Haigh’s Selection

I seem to have trouble possessing the self-restraint needed to stop gobbling up Haigh’s chocolates before they’re artfully arranged and photographed for the visual delectation of Chocablog readers. If I buy Haigh’s most popular product – a ten pack of …

The Heaven Of Haigh’s

As a brave and bold Australian chocolate reviewer, the question I get asked most often is, “Why haven’t you written about Haigh’s chocolates yet?” My answer has always been, “Because they’re so good, so huge in the chocophile world that …
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