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DaimWhen I was younger (and ate a lot more milk chocolate) I remember taking a trip to Scandanavia and seeing Dime (as we were still calling them) Balls on sale. I used to enjoy the occasional Dime Bar (whenever I was in the mood for picking lumps of toffee out of my back teeth) and so naturally I bought a bag or two home. That was quite a while ago, and I never did see them on sale in the UK – until I visited IKEA.

Yes, they’re selling Daim (as we now refer to them, being good Europeans) Balls (or ‘bits’, as they’re not really spherical at all) in the food shop, so for the sake of a little nostalgia and to see if I still liked them, I bought a bag. (Well, two, because I might have REALLY liked them , and IKEA is a fair old way from Chez Michalak.)

So, was my curiosity rewarded? There are two very obvious methods to consuming these little fellers. One, throw a handful in and chew them up. Two, slowly suck all the chocolate from each piece, leaving a collection of little toffee pebbles in your mouth, then chew them up (producing the ‘lumps in the teeth’ effect described earlier) .

Being something of a creature of habit, I found myself doing the ‘suck and chew’. The chocolate is the same as Marabou’s Milk Bar– creamy, sweet, not unpleasant – so once that was gone, I was left with a collection of VERY sweet toffee and almond bits in my mouth, and yes, they still attach themselves to your back teeth like barnacles to the underside of an ocean liner, leaving you with the option of prising them away manually or savouring the slow release of their flavour as they dissolve over an hour or so.

I prefer the ‘bits’ concept to the Daim Bar, primarily because I don’t think I could cope with the amount of sugar in a Daim Bar all in one go! Having the option to eat a few pieces and then re-seal the bag is far more to my liking. Good enough if you want to feel like a kid again.

Oh, and they’re great for decorating a cake with too.

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  1. chocodude

    do you think sometime anyone could review the poppets range mmm the rasins and orange ones are mint 🙂

  2. Simon

    Surely the minty ones are mint?

  3. ...

    Simon, he’s a very confused young man. Why, he was probably on a cocktail of drugs as he typed. Throw an aero at his head and tell him to go back to sleep.

  4. chocodude

    lol no i live in bristol and we usually use the word ‘mint’ to describe something as good! 🙂 thats all haha! 😛

  5. midnightminx

    i love the raisin poppets mmm 😛

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