Guinness Milk Chocolate Truffle

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Guinness Milk Chocolate Truffle

So, we’re back with another 45g bar of chocolate flavoured with Guinness. This time it’s a milk chocolate with a “truffle” filling. The format of the bar is exactly the same as the dark chocolate caramel version, and it contains exactly the same amount of Guinness – a whopping 0.2% – a fact I still find a little odd, considering the ‘Luxury Truffles‘ Simon reviewed back in 2007 contained five times as much.

The milk chocolate here is 32% cocoa solids, and in my opinion it’s much nicer than the dark chocolate version. For one thing, it does actually taste of chocolate. Surprisingly, it’s also less sweet than the dark chocolate version.

Guinness Milk Chocolate Truffle

That less-sweet chocolate makes all the difference to the other flavours too. You can actually taste the Guinness in this one. Of course, for a non-Guinness lover like myself, that’s not necessarily a good thing, and I personally think it just tastes like the chocolate is a little stale. But true Guinness aficionados will no doubt get more out of this than its sibling.

Yet I still wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. It’s still a gimmick made with cheap ingredients and hardly any of the black stuff. You wouldn’t buy something like this for yourself, but if you were thinking of buying it as a gift for a Guinness lover, you’d be better off buying them a pint and a block of Thorntons Pistachio instead.


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  1. What a nice combination — milk chocolate and Guinness! 45 grams is a nice size for a chocolate bar too. You won’t feel weighted down.

  2. Sounds to me like you really want to try a chocolate and beer experience, go for Southern Tier brewery’s Mokah stout. That beer tasted so much like chocolate, yet beer, it was outstanding.

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