Guinness Luxury Chocolate Truffles

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Guinness TrufflesIn a follow up to the Guinness Chocolate bar review I posted recently, I thought I’d offer my opinion on one of my birthday presents.

As you can see, Guinness have produced Milk chocolate truffles ‘enhanced’ with the flavour of Guinness. This statement alone merits a raised eyebrow – after all the question of whether or not the Guinness flavour enhances the chocolate is a pretty subjective one.

Guinness TrufflesA glance at the box revealed a good sign – ten times more Guinness in these babies than was in the chocolate; a whopping 1%! I was beginning to think that these truffles might deliver the sort of flavour that the chocolate bar had only managed to hint at, which could only be a good thing.

The truffles themselves were – unsurprisingly enough – made up in the classic ‘Pint of Guinness’ style. Milk chocolate cups with a white chocolate ‘head’. Amusing, yes, but unlikely to have any bearing on the overall flavour, I thought to myself.

Guinness TrufflesOnce I’d selected a victim and bitten through it, I was pleasantly surprised. There is indeed a lot more of the Guinness flavour in these chocs, and the truffle filling seems to act as a much better medium for the delivery of said flavour. It’s a slightly bitter, hoppy flavour which mellows as the chocolate element comes through – a little floral and bittersweet and rather pleasant.

Overall, I’d say that these sweets are much more likely to please the Guinness enthusiast, not just in terms of their presentation ( a nice posh box and individual truffles with their little white ‘heads’ ) but also because they seem to have so much more of that Guinness taste that the bar of ‘plain’ chocolate seemed to fail to deliver.

If you’re ever in Ireland or near a Guinness store and looking to treat the stout drinker in your life, I’d say spend the extra money and go for the truffles. They are SO much better than the chocolate.


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  1. Meiji

    If you get your hands on these, please do review them as these Japanese chocolates are yummy too!

  2. Simon

    I would be very happy to review any products you would care to send to me.

    Please contact the site if you would like to send any samples!

  3. Those look amazing! (And even better that there’s an excuse not to have to share with the kids!)

  4. maryann cataldo

    Loved the Guinnness chocolate bars, bought them in Ireland can’t get them in USA can I order some and how much..Thank You Maryann Cataldo

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