Gold Pralines of Prague

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Gold Pralines of Prague

Gold Pralines have two shops in Prague. One is very close to the old town square, and sells a surprising variety of confectionery.

Gold Pralines of Prague

Of more interest to Chocabloggers (well, this one in particular) is their range of handmade chocolates, some of which come in quite unusual shapes. Their ‘menu’ has over fifty different chocolates to choose from, and they are all available to buy in the shops.

Gold Pralines of Prague

I tried seven different chocolates – specialities of the house and evenly split between dark and milk chocolate, with one ‘no chocolate’.

No chocolate? How so? Like this:

Gold Pralines of Prague

Covered in slivers of roasted almond, my first Gold Praline selection was the Almond Truffle. I had no idea if it contained light or dark chocolate, or what the consistency might be. As it turned out, those slivers of perfectly crisp almond concealed the most incredibly light chocolate mousse. It was whisper-light, full of delicate cocoa flavours, and vanished clean away in moments, leaving me wishing I had a bucket full of these to hand. A superb start.

Gold Pralines of Prague

‘Rembrandt’ was a dark chocolate and pineapple cream confection. Biting through the dark chocolate shell revealed a superlight, delicately pineapple flavoured mousse. Like the previous filling, it was only a matter of seconds before it was a wisp, a faint memory as the dark chocolate took over, infusing my palate with rich, woody cocoa.

Gold Pralines of Prague

Another unusual shape this time – a mainly milk chocolate snail shell was home to a dual layer of a light nougaty cream topped with a thick chocolate truffle.

Both tasted superb, the sweeter, creamy nougat cream melted away and allowed the darker, fuller cocoa flavoured truffle to take over. There was an excellent balance between shell and filling with the milk chocolate finishing things off nicely.

Gold Pralines of Prague

My next selection contains a truffle made with Becherovka, a Czech herbal liqueur and having sampled some in the past, I was quite keen to see how it would lend itself to a chocolate. As soon as my teeth cracked the dark chocolate shell, I could smell the unique aroma of the liqueur. At first I thought it was going to be overpowering, but once the filling began to melt the initial alcohol ‘hit’ softened off, allowing the sweetness of the filling and the bittersweet dark chocolate to round off the taste.

Gold Pralines of Prague

Next up was this whisky truffle – in the shape of a hat. Yet more ethereally light and mildly alcoholic mousse enrobed in a sweet, full flavoured milk chocolate. Not as remarkable as it’s predecessors, but nonetheless well thought out and with a good balance between the chocolate and the filling.

The final milk chocolate was this horse’s head.

Gold Pralines of Prague

The somewhat eccentric shape concealed a dark truffle and nougat filling which flooded my mouth with roast nut and chocolate flavours. The slightly thicker, coconut and nut texture of the filling enabled it to hang out with the chocolate for longer in my mouth, making for a very satisfying combination.

Gold Pralines of Prague

Having tasted the pineapple truffle, I had some idea of what to expect from the banana truffle.

However, what I found was a thick white cream filling, very much reminiscent of the long gone Fry’s Chocolate Cream, and infused with banana. The cream filling was VERY sweet, but as it melted away and the banana flavour faded, the dark chocolate base remained to finish the mouthful off with it’s delicious bittersweet cocoa notes.

Last up was the Diamond, a dark chocolate shell with a light, whipped centre. The filling is once again as light as a feather and it’s life on the tongue so brief that I just wished I had more of these.

Overall, a great selection of very well made chocolates.

Gold Pralines use Callebaut Belgian chocolate to create their shells, but the fillings are obviously the product of Czech chocolatiers.

It’s handy to know that Prague has something more to offer, as well as garnets, glass, artworks and absinthe.

Well worth a visit should you find yourself over that way.


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  1. This store is just one of the many reasons I’d like to visit Prague again (and again, and again…) – I absolutely adore this place!

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)


  3. Aha, “Gold Pralines use Callebaut Belgian chocolate to create their shells…”. This explains why it said Chocoladehuisje on one of them (Dutch/Flemish, meaning Chocolate House). I was a bit surprised by that, glad you explained. 🙂
    Hey, these look wonderful. I should travel more.

  4. I’m drooling with Dom and when Prague was mentioned I just knew it was Simon who was the lucky chocabugger tasting them.

    The shapes and flavours look so unique!

  5. Oh my God… it looks very delicious! I want some! I haven’t been to this store so i’ll probably check it out soon.

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