Elite Biscuit Chocolate Bar

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Elite Biscuit Chocolate Bar

This review is coming at you from Tel Aviv, where I am currently wintering. As my family have been showering me with gifts of chocolate, some old favourites, as well as well as others that are new to me, there is plenty of work to be done while I’m here.

Elite Biscuit Chocolate Bar

First up is definitely a bar from the “old favourites” department. The Elite biscuit chocolate is, for some strange reason, one of my favourite chocolate bars of all times. I say “for some strange reason”, because when you look at it objectively, it’s not all that great. The milk chocolate is nice enough, but very sweet and blatantly mass-produced. The biscuit is basically a petit beurre, a type of French digestive that’s very popular in Israel. It’s a decent digestive, but nothing special. The Biscuit chocolate bar also includes an uneven layer of “cream” made from powdered milk and powdered cream. All in all, this combination should be passable at best and possibly even rather sickly. And yet…

Elite Biscuit Chocolate Bar

Although definitely very sweet, the combination of the chocolate, cream and biscuit seems to work to create something new that is actually very moreish. Add that to the fact that even though the bar is divided into cubes (rather than squares), the biscuit refuses to play ball and breaks according to its own rules and you’ll see why it’s hard to stop at a few pieces. Although it’s closer in shape to a square than a rectangle and weighs a 100g, I do view this bar as a “single-sitting” bar, as I would, say, a Twix, rather than a standard chocolate bar to be consumed one square at a time.


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  1. Chocolate covered biscuits are so tasty. The imprinted cows are a cute touch.

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