Delicaseys Ginger Crisp

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A few months ago I received a present of three selections from Delicaseys Sydney chocolate range. The first two were exceptionally good. Like a child with a favourite food, I put what I thought would be my favourite aside to try last. And there it sat, for a couple of months, tempting me until today.

And what might my favourite be? A quick check here should lead to no surprises at all – Ginger, naturally. In this case: Delicaseys Ginger Crisp. But something seems a little odd. Most ginger chocolate I have found so far is not crisp, so this one will be something rather different.

The pack contains small, flattish, slightly odd size pieces that remind me a little – in appearance only – of chocolate frogs. The resemblance, I hasten to add, ends there. These do look a little scuffed, the effect of being dragged around in baggage and through airports. During the photographing the rich aroma told me this was going to be something good. So good, in fact, that I couldn’t wait to go find a knife to dissect: those marks you see are from my teeth.

Inside a generous slathering of dark chocolate is a thin sliver of ginger. The origin of the chocolate used is not stated. Whatever it is, its pretty good. It’s not as dark as some, at only 54%, and it melts away fairly quickly. It is however, rich and pleasantly sweet, with not even a hint of bitterness. The ginger inside is candied, thin, and CRISP! Some candied ginger can be excessively sweet – this isn’t. It’s just really, really yum. About my only criticism is that I’d really like a bit more of that ginger in there.

This does raise something of a dilemma. My preference for ginger in chocolate is something I’ve written about here several times: to win me over you need to provide big hunks of ginger, covered with lots of rich thick dark chocolate. This one misses one of the essential components: there are no big chunks. Like assumptions that need to be challenged though, this perceived lack is made up for by the quality of the whole product. The chocolate is just right. The ginger crispiness is an unexpected surprise and works well. I think I now have close on a new best-in-breed. I’m giving it 9 out of 10. Gimme more ginger and it would get a 10.

In spite of that reservation, I sure as heck hope that when I die and go to heaven, Casey will be there too, making these and handing them around.


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  1. GrumpyTart

    How on earth did you manage to not eat this chocolate given your predilection for ginger? I’d hazard you forgot about it rather than you having immense willpower 🙂

    Anyway, it sounds lush, I’m a huge fan of ginger things (no rude comments please!) and like you, I like big bits! Currently enjoying a rather nice marmalade with ginger so that will have to do me for now.

  2. Ashleigh

    I can assure you I didn’t forget them. They sat on the desk at the PC where I work each day. IMMENSE WILLPOWER I TELLS YA!

  3. If it’s 54%, I’m guessing that the chocolate is Callebaut.

    I made the mistake of assuming that Casey was a girl and wrote things like ‘she’ and ‘her’ which (thankfully) he had a giggle about before letting me know that he was an outie and not an innie!

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more..

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