Menz Choccy Froggys

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Menz Choccy Froggys

Today must be silly day. A day for leaping with delight at the thought of hopping into some frogs. But not quite as the French might.

Menz have been making confectionary in Adelaide for a long time – roughly forever. They make that other well-known delight, the Fruchoc. These little Froggys have nothing at all in common with that other well known children’s treat, the “Freddo Frog” – which originated with MacRobertsons and is now part of the Cadbury stable. The Freddo does come in a few variations, and is usually an individually wrapped little fellow that will leave any kid’s mouth all brown and gooey, and one or perhaps two are enough.

The Menz Froggys (surely that should be Froggies?] are an altogether different beast. Perhaps a distant cousin? Or perhaps these jumped off down some other part of a family tree. For these are little fellas and one or two are never enough.

Choccy Froggys things come in bags from the supermarket, for only a couple of dollars. Each bag has perhaps 20 or 30 of the little critters in it.

Menz Choccy Froggys

The chocolate is unashamedly ordinary. The finish is cheap, and there are no pretentions here at all. The pack even explicitly says it’s compounded chocolate (no reading between the lines and figuring out that “vegetable fat” means compounded chocolate), and its only 5% cocoa. These are sweets for kids. Well, Ok, for kids of all ages.

Menz Choccy Froggys

A dissection shows the inside is the same kind of sticky, gooey stuff that so many sweets or lollies are made from. But who cares? You can still sit down being an unashamedly unpretentious frog-gobbler and go through half a bag without even trying. Is half a bag of frogs called half an Army? Perhaps a battalion, or a division? Silly things these collective nouns. There is just something about these chaps though – When you’ve accidently polished off the bag, the kids come sniffing around: “Did you finish the bag of frogs?”


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  1. I’ve been looking for some delish chocolate frogs ever since reading the first Harry Potter book way back when. Thanks for posting about these!

  2. Christine

    I’ve seen the Choccy Snake version they have in the supermarket and have wondered what they’re like. If it’s dreaded compound chocolate though I think I’ll pass…

  3. Oh they are, they are (compounded).

  4. ….and yet, despite the dreaded ‘C’ word (compounded), Ashleigh ate the entire bag by himself…. (scratches chin thoughtfully), so they must be pretty good….

  5. Well yes which just goes to show the contradictions. I don’t normally like sweet. These are. I don’t like low cocoa chocolate. These are. I don’t like compounded chocolate. These are.

    And yet I ate HALF the bag. I was generous enough to share. Then the kids came looking for more. I figure half a bag for me, and half a bag for everybody else was fair. That IS fair, isn’t it?

  6. river

    Ashleigh, that sounds like my Dad’s kind of sharing. One for me (dad) one for you (brother); one for me (dad) one for you (sister); one for me (dad) one for you (me), so by the end of the sharing dad would have three times as many fruchoc than we each had.

  7. tritch

    they don’t look like frogs to me… or maybe i just have a really dirty dirty mind =P

    great site, you got my loyalty

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