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Delicasey’s Selection

A selection of new flavours from Delicasey's chocolate.

Delicasey Selection (Part 2)

Another selection of chocolates from Sydney's Delicaseys.

Delicaseys Selection

A selection of dark chocolates from Australian chocolatier Casey Sheehan.

Delicaseys Ginger Crisp

A few months ago I received a present of three selections from Delicaseys Sydney chocolate range. The first two were exceptionally good. Like a child with a favourite food, I put what I thought would be my favourite aside to …

Delicaseys Fleur De Sel

Part of the goody bag I recently received included a few Delicaseys chocolates from Sydney. I was hugely impressed with the Orange Bliss that I tried first. Next on the list is Fleur De Sel – or as the package …

Delicaseys Orange Bliss

The other (better?) half had a short holiday in Sydney with her sister recently, and came back bearing gifts of chocolate. The “Delicaseys” range were apparently what was available at the local shops, so she had to buy some. I’ve …
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