Cocopia Mini Mallow Cookie Crunch

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I must confess that I was a little mystified by this bar. When I looked at the ingredients, I saw that this milk chocolate was 35% cocoa – top of the range stuff indeed. The problem is the extra ingredients. This bar has been sprinkled with an assortment of mallow pieces and pale looking mini cookies, and the overall impression is of something made by a small child.

That’s before we even get to the taste.

When I sniffed the slab, I was amazed at how sickly sweet it smelled. The mallow and biscuit combination had tainted the whole thing with a sugary, almost artificial aroma which almost entirely masked the underlying cocoa smell, and which I found deeply unpleasant.

Tasting was a little better, because I could chose an area where there were fewer ‘extra’ bits, and in fact the chocolate was rather good. It’s very smooth and creamy, and of course slightly sweet. So why go and cover it in a load of cheap, sugary tat? I can only assume that this is posh chocolate for kids, or chocolate for posh kids, because it’s far too sweet for an adult palate (although it might sell well in the USA on the evidence of our Hershey’s experiences). It’s also pretty unlikely that a child would even look twice at this product, as it would be nestled (no pun intended) among the rest of the Cocopia range. I suppose it might make a good gift for your little chocoholics, but to be honest I think they’d probably prefer a couple of larger bars of something more familiar for the same money.

I’m all for interesting tastes in chocolate. I enjoy sampling strange and unusual flavours, discovering new taste combinations and innovative recipes, but this bar just came across as something pretty good spoiled by unnecessary over-egging. Not a winner in my book.


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  1. What size is the slab?
    It looks like a cross between the Hotel Chocolat Caramellow with the white chunks of a Rocky Road but with no centre piece.

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