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The Mallow Tailor Chocolates

Beautiful filled chocolates from The Brecon Beacons.

Pierre Marcolini Dark Chocolate Marshmallows

Chunky marshmallow cubes in 59% bean-to-bar chocolate.

Sifers Valomilk

Milk chocolate cups filled with liquid marshmallow.

Paul A. Young Pistachio & Lemon Thyme Caramel Mallow

A hand painted dome of 64% Valrhona Madagascan chocolate. Inside, there’s a layer of pistachio flavoured marshmallow, with a second layer of lemon thyme caramel on top.

Sugah! Rocky Road & Chipotle Pistachio Clusters

When I first crossed paths with Sugah’s clusters, I was impressed by both the no nonsense approach to packaging (which I still love) and their ludicrous size – I could barely fit one in my mouth comfortably and believe me, …

Strauss Krembo

While Israel is enjoying its two annual weeks of winter, I decided it was time to return to yet another classic. Behold the Krembo, a somewhat controversial chocolate-covered sweet that originated in Denmark and somehow found its way to Israel, …

Cocopia Mini Mallow Cookie Crunch

I must confess that I was a little mystified by this bar. When I looked at the ingredients, I saw that this milk chocolate was 35% cocoa – top of the range stuff indeed. The problem is the extra ingredients. …

Arnott’s Wagon Wheels

Mostly, the ‘tone’ of chocolates sampled here at Chocablog reside proudly at the upper end of the quality/quirky ingredients/boutique brand spectrum, but even we critics like to downscale when we’re off duty. As such, I thought it was high time …
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