Hershey’s Natural Flavanol Antioxidant Milk Chocolate

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Hershey’s Natural Flavanol Antioxidant Milk ChocolateThis is the final product in the new Hershey’s Goodness range, and frankly, it’s a good job the other two had some redeeming features, because this one is pretty much inedible.

Just like the others, the packagaing talks about how wonderfully good it is for you, and the format is exactly the same. A large bag with lots of individually wrapped 10g squares.

Upon opening, this looks – and even smells – quite like the Hershey’s Whole Bean, but once you bite into it, the difference becomes immediately apparent. If you’re anything like me, the first thing you’ll notice is that you have instinctively spat it out onto the floor.

This stuff has such a weird taste, I can hardly describe it. The texture is fine, but the taste is something like a combination of rusty metal and rubber. There is a slight hint of chocolate in there somewhere, but the rubber taste eventually ovewhelmes it. Personally, I found it so unpleasant that I had to go and rinse my mouth out.

Hershey’s Natural Flavanol Antioxidant Milk ChocolateBut a little while later, I tried another one just to make sure. It was exactly the same. And for only the second time in my Chocablogging career, I ended up throwing chocolate away.

Now, this stuff was sent to us by Hershey’s from the US, so I’m aware that it could somehow have gone bad in transit. But given they arrived well packaged in under a week, and the other products in the range were unaffected, I don’t think tha’s the problem. I think this is just an attempt to make a healthy product gone horribly, horribly wrong.

To be honest, I found the whole “Goodness” range more than a little disappointing. The other products were overly sweet, and (in my opinion), this one is just about inedible.

Come on Hershey’s – why not just produce a good quality chocolate, use natural ingredients and cut back on the sugar. Until then, I’m sorry to have to report that I certainly won’t be buying any Hershey’s Goodness stuff. And I’ll be making a point of steering clear of this one in particular.


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  1. “If you’re anything like me, the first thing you’ll notice is that you have instinctively spat it out onto the floor”

    You liked it that much, huh? I’ll be giving that entire line a miss, I think.

  2. God damn… Hershey is the only chocolate I have ever spat out, I really don’t know how they can even put the word chocolate on the label… it’s a gross misrepresentation, nay abomination of cocoa confectionery!

  3. T Krantz

    I think you’re all nuts!! I tried both the Whole Bean and the Antioxidant and loved them. I didn’t get any rubber tire or rusted metal taste at all. Many people I work with have also tried it and I have not heard anything bad from them about it. I suggest that everyone should try it for themselves!

  4. Darlene

    I have eaten several of these candy bars and found the taste very nice. I can’t tell the difference between this and the regular candy bars, so I don’t know who that person is that had to “spat it out”.

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