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Cocoapod EasterEggs DIY Kit

In this kit, you get four flat egg-shaped slabs of milk chocolate, a big bag of mixed sweeties, a bag of small chocolate buttons for melting (and sticking said sweeties to said eggs), and a some miniature paintbrushes to help make the whole process even easier.

Cocoapod Christmas Tree Kit

This rather cute chocolate Christmas tree kit apparently came about by accident. Having designed the product, Cocoapod found it was impossible to post reliably without arriving in pieces, so opted to sell it as a “DIY kit”. Needless to say, …

Cocoapod Selection

Cocoapod is a sweet company best known for their “Build A Bar” personalised chocolates. They sell more than just chocolate though, and the review package they sent me contained an advent calendar with (mainly non-chocolate) sweets and a big bag …


Linda and Philippa at Cocoapod asked us to let you know about their new shop and web site. Now we don’t often just post other people’s announcements, but I’ve had a quick look around their site and I think it …
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