Cadbury Bubbly

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Cadbury Bubbly

No, it’s not champagne, but Cadbury’s very cheeky and blatant copy of Nestlé’s classic Aero bar.

Why Nestlé didn’t register names such as the obvious ‘Bubbly’ to protect their product is beyond me, but it’s taken Cadbury many years to either develop a good enough rival or to somehow circumvent intellectual choco-property rules in order to finally release their own version.

As you can see, it’s the faithful glass-and-a-half of full cream dairy milk chocolate with a non-threatening 21% cocoa solids. They’ve divided theirs into a mere five segments instead of Aero’s mystical number seven and, at 40 grams, they’re being sold at the same price as their other 50 to 60 gram bars. Sigh.

Cadbury Bubbly

Casting my qualms about being unfaithful to Aero aside, it was time to try the imposter. Bugger – it’s very nice. Slightly sweeter chocolate than the Nestlé version perhaps but they’ve got the famous mini bubbles and fine texture inside just right. I would struggle to tell the difference in a blindfold test for either the original or the mint varieties. Five segments are frustratingly too few – why didn’t they go one better than Nestlé and put eight bad boys inside instead?

Kudos to Cadbury’s I guess but unless it’s on special, I’ll stick with Aero – the original. That is, unless Cadbury can come up with different flavours worth trying?


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Kath and I have had the discussion about Bubble/Wispa having been around for almost as long as Aero in an email conversation. Chocablog was even credited by a national newspaper as being responsible for bringing it back.

    But more importantly, I want to know. Which is best: Bubble/Wispa or Aero…?

    I say Wispa. 🙂

  2. I wish we had Wispa in Australia – I remember loving it when I tried it (many times) when I lived in London way back in 1991-92….

  3. kathy

    i saw those Cadbury Aero things in Woolies yesterday, but today they were gone – both boxes from the shelves… either everybody wanted to try one, OR Aero is now kicking up a fuss…

  4. I’m liking these Cadbury bars…

  5. nora

    i hate mint chocolate. i could only bear to eat tim tams mint biscuits. so when i bought the cadbury bubbly in mint for my bestie and i was forced to take a bite of it, i was pleasantly surprised! now im hooked onto it. damn 🙁

  6. zoe

    I *like* cadbury bubbly, but I dont think it holds a bar up to Aero.

    Aero bubbles are, i think, lighter and the block softer (so crumbles nicer) and the chocolate is thinner.

    I like to nibble the chocolate off then eat only the bubbles, and you cant really do that with the Cadbury version.

    Its a good second, I’ll buy it when its on sale and cheaper, but otherwise, I’m an Aero gal.

  7. I’m with Zoe.

    Cadbury bubbly is nice but there is something about Aero that make it my number one choice. There’s just something about Aero (maybe a higher fat content) that makes it melt so beautifully in your mouth.

  8. Bob

    This bar is closer to the ORIGINAL ” CHOCOLITE”

    They all copied them…chocolit is the ultimate ! ( was the ultimate)

  9. lilac

    aero is sick but not as good as cadburys all off cadburys sales are good inclyding twirl 🙂

  10. purple

    safe bruv innit lol but the only choc i hate is turkish delight that is bear nasty othewise choclate like galaxy and cadburys are ace ! do u agree???????????

  11. Ann

    Perhaps blueberries could find their way into cadbury’s bubbles soon, I remember a Cadbury bar in the 50’s with orange and lemon pieces in it, was this an experiment with friut — I have haven’t seen any more since, I recall at that time my mother had been to visit the Cadbury factory in BOURNVILLE and was given this bar as a taster with lots of other choc goodies, we thought we were in heaven.

  12. i tried it in Ramadan and it was amazing im not a big fan of mamlsralhow but i loved it .. alah yewafghoom .. also my mom wonder never accept eating choco or marshmellow with the Arabic coffee bs when i bought it to her she fall in love with it alah yewafghoom ya rab

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