Cadbury Cherry Ripe Doubled Dipped 70%

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Regular readers and mates will know that I have a bit of a Love/Hate relationship with Cadbury. Their green snot peppermint dairy milk block, execrable Fudge Brownie and Boysenberry Shortcake desserts were only (just) forgiven when they revamped their Old Gold range and even brought in some passably good Tiramisu and Crème Brulee desserts.

This time, they won me. In fact, they had me at the label – Double Dipped (oh yeah) Cherry Ripe (a classic) with 70% cocoa (woo hoo – their magnificent Old Gold!).

To ease my eyes from the box and cure my grumpiness, I had to buy two classic Cherry Ripes to compare with – yes, not one but two – of the newer, richer, thicker, better Cherry Ripes.

Naturally, as is their standard modus operandi, Cadbury have reduced the weight of the new bar by 5g. The classic is 55g and the Double Dipped is 50g and only my taste buds would be able to tell if such a sneaky act could be forgiven.

It was looking good so far. Much thicker and darker covering on the Double Dipped. I reminded myself of just how good the classic Cherry Ripe tastes (just so I could have a balanced viewpoint, dear reader), before trying the new one.

And the verdict – those forgotten five grams are forgiven, Cadbury. Launching a new variety that proclaims to be better than a much-loved favourite (hello to many experimental versions of Kit-Kat, Picnic and Boost) is often a risk, with the new versions slowly relegated to the bargain bin before disappearing forever.

Not so in this case. The chocolate layer is noticeably thicker than the original Cherry Ripe which gives the inhaler (moi) a longer moment to enjoy the slow, decadent dissolving of Cadbury’s beautifully rich Old Gold 70% cocoa chocolate. Then, the coconut and cherry filing – which looks, tastes and feels noticeably moister and softer than the original – emerges through the bliss of the chocolate, revealing the sweetness of the glace cherry and the lingering chewiness of the coconut.

Cadbury should be beating their chests loudly and with pride at this achievement instead of merely hiding it away next to the Crunchies on the supermarket shelves. This will most definitely become a favourite of mine. In fact it already is.


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  1. anabels

    I haven’t been able to find a Cherry Ripe in ages. I think they’ve stopped making them in NZ 🙁 Is the new version dairy free? Still sounds good enough to be worht the risk! Perhaps a trip across the ditch is in order!

  2. Kathy

    Hooray! its been reviewed!!
    I had one waiting for a flight in Brisbane, and the chocolate taste was really very strong, i suppose the inside was as moist, i can’t remember… what stuck in my mind was the amount and the “gee this is rather strong” taste of the chocolate. I sorta prefer the original but this is still nice…

  3. Princess

    Hi Annabels,

    They have never made Cherry Ripe in NZ as far as I know, when it has been available here, it has been imported from Australia.

    I am an Australian living in NZ and I have been waiting patiently for 20 long years for it to be available here, and lo and behold,3 weeks ago to my delight I discovered them in Kmart, bars and snack size bags!!!! I am reluctant to share this information for fear that my supply will come to an end. Spoke to Cadbury who said that they were only going to be here in stores till Christmas,sadly.


  4. Gaz

    The new Cherry Ripe would have to be one of my favourite chocolate bars ever. The 70% cocoa might be strong at first, but the cherries and coconut filling even that out. However once you have had one of these, you can’t go back to the original Cherry Ripe.

  5. Ashleigh (Chocablog Staff)

    I’ve heard all sorts of terrible stories: “You DO NOT want to know what goes into a Cherry Ripe”, that sort of thing.

    I don’t care. They have always been and will always be, pretty damn good. Now I gotta go get me some of these double dipped thingies and try ’em.

  6. D'arcy

    i love cherry ripes! found them in about 1980 in los angelespringfield market. have not seen them here since. a couple years ago found them online at everything australian site
    although they have been out of mini’s for some time. would love to be able to go directly to cad. a previous comment said they found them at kmart.. i wonder if i can beg kmart to inter-store them to california! be well all of you and enjoy!

  7. Sounds lovely, wonder how to get them to the States?

  8. Phil

    I actually saw them on sale the day before yesterday and splashed out and bought 20 of them. By far the best chocolate bar ever created!

  9. Phil you are a man after my own heart – I saw them on special too, but only bought two!

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