Bissinger’s Milk & Dark Chocolate

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I must admit that I have had this pair of chocolates waiting for quite a long time. But I have heard their tears of neglect and responded that it’s better late than never.

Originally, I think I picked them up because I had never heard of Bissinger’s Chocolate and because there are no excess ingredients in the chocolate. But I let them sit alone so long because there was no promise of a bright, original spark from the basic, white card boxes. And I don’t particularly like calorie-counting foods, either, so the promise of only 100 calories per bar disinterests me.

Since this was a new company, I wanted to try both the milk (38% cocoa solids) and dark (75%) bars. Their cocoa contents sit in place of logos on the rectangles of chocolate; since the numbers are wrapped in circles, the whole effect looks like something related to a railroad (and I don’t mean this in a necessarily bad way). Let’s just ignore the great amount of bloom on the dark chocolate, shall we?

The milk chocolate has plot lines of confectionary chocolate, but tastes more solid, possibly because its cacao percentage is a little higher. It doesn’t fall flat, but doesn’t have abundant flavor notes, either, just the standard caramel notes. It’s alright. As I began to anticipate, the dark chocolate is of what I call the Nesquick, brownie, thick-dark variety where the bitter and sweet have been meshed into one element that ends up being neither. Yet it isn’t as sweet as similar varieties tend to be. It’s also alright. Fortunately, I can’t sense anything wrong about the texture; without looking at the chocolate, I don’t think I would know it was as old as it is.

The confectionary theme I mentioned is present because confections are in fact what Bissinger’s focus on; they sell chocolate-covered fruits, truffles, and the like. Most of the Saint Louis-based company’s recipes are from a family cookbook dated 1899, and the family’s confectionary roots go back to France some years before that.

So I suppose, despite my own disinterest in calorie-counting chocolate, an 18 gram Bissinger’s bar wouldn’t be the worst choice if you’re craving chocolate but don’t want to over indulge. This is simple chocolate that some might pass over quickly, but others will return to.


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  1. Looks delicious! I would so love to try some.

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