Australian Homemade Dark Chocolate Macadamias

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Australian Homemade Dark Chocolate Macadamias

The second Australian Homemade item I bought when I was in Holland (they’re made in Amsterdam, not Australia) and one I was very much looking forward to, as I happen to adore macadamias.

Having sampled (and thoroughly enjoyed) their Honey Snapper bar, I had high hopes for these, and I was not to be disappointed.

They are remarkably similar to the Basini chocolate almonds from LIDL which I reviewed a while ago, except of course these are macadamias – possibly the best tasting nuts on the planet.

Australian Handmade Dark Chocolate Macadamias

The chocolate is smooth, not too dark, and delicious, and each nut is lightly dusted with what seems to be icing sugar.

Foolishly I only bought home one bag, and their stay in my house was all too brief. Everyone who tried one wanted one more. And then one more.

I suppose I’ll have to wait for Australian Homemade to open up shop in the UK. Or get some more work in Holland.


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  1. J S

    Australian homemade has landed in the uk. They are located in the Glades Shopping Centre in Bromley, Kent.

  2. Simon

    Fab – thanks for the news, and well spotted. Get in there!

  3. hmmm…mb its true ,

  4. Joseph Gurt

    When will these chocolates be available in the USA?

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