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Australian HomemadeI’m fortunate enough to have a job that involves a fair amount of travel, and this allows me to spend time browsing shops for new and unusual chocolate to tell the world (or at least that part of the world that reads Chocablog) about.

Flying home from a trip is usually a good time for me to hunt for chocolate, and it was at Eindhoven Airport that I came across Australian Homemade. My first thought was that it was somewhat bizarre to be discovering Aussie chocolate in a Dutch airport sandwich shop, but the truth was to prove even more bizarre…

Y’see folks, Australian Homemade is actually a product of a Dutch company called the Real Chocolate Company, using Belgian chocolate to create their products. Those wacky Dutch, eh?

The packaging promises fine quality chocolate made using only the purest natural ingredients, a minimum of 32.3% cocoa, and 8% honey powder. Since I enjoyed my Stainer’s Honey and Ginseng bar so much, I thought it would be well worth trying another honey bar, albeit a milk chocolate one this time.

This bar is divided horizontally into five quite large chunks which at first glance seem rather intimidating, in a ‘not-sure-I-can-manage-all-that-at-once’ kind of way. Indeed, I shared my first chunk with a friend so as to avoid any potential cocoa overload.

Australian Homemade

I checked out the company website and it would appear that they’re about to launch their products globally. The UK section of the site is incomplete, but the American section has quite a bit of information (in English!) and it would appear that we’re about to have a new chain of coffee, chocolate and cake shops in our High Streets.

Whether or not there’s room for more is anyone’s guess, but if the cakes are as tasty as the chocolate I sampled, then they may be in with a good chance. The Snapper bar appears to come in a variety of flavours (honey not being mentioned) and there are Love Bars, Dreamers and more promised. One to watch for methinks.


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  1. Sounds intriguing, I’ll keep an eye out.

  2. I wonder why they’re ‘Australian’? I’ve never heard of them

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