Basini Chocolate Coated Almonds

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Basini Chocolate AlmondsHere’s another find from LIDL.

I came across these around the same time I found the J. D. Gross bars a couple of months ago and have been munching my way through them ever since. There are a variety of flavours (including cinnamon) available, but I have only tried the ‘pure’ chocolate version so far.

As you can see from the picture on the packet, these are whole roasted almonds ‘enrobed’ (as the posh choc makers like to say) in milk chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder, and they are quite simply delicious.

Pop one in your mouth and you get the immediate hit of the dark cocoa powder, followed almost immediately by the milk chocolate starting to melt and adding its sweetness to the mix. Bite down carefully and you can split the chocolate away from the nut and let it all melt away before you sink your teeth into a wonderfully crisp almond.

A word of warning – if you go to LIDL to buy these, don’t make the mistake I did and buy just one bag. They’re far too moreish – you’ll just end up monstering the first bag without realising it and then pining for more. I’d also beware of sharing them too. It just makes them disappear twice as fast!

Seriously recommended, and not too pricey either.

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  1. These are indeed very good and one bag is never enough. However, if you should manage to get your hands on some Weihnachtsmandeln from Lindt you should really try those. They are very similar but just ever so subtly better. I believe they are with cinnamon. Not sure whether they are offered here, in Germany you only get them around Christmas time.

  2. Laocoon

    “Basini” in romanian means “farts”.. lol

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