Cadbury in court

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Cadbury LogoIn the continuing saga of Cadbury’s hygiene problems, the chocolate company appeared in court today.

According to The Guardian, the company intends to plead guilty to six counts of contravening food hygiene regulations.

The case is in relation to last year’s salmonella outbreak and subsequent product recall.

(There is no word on whether they’ll be recalling Boost for being generally a bit crap and boring. But it seems unlikely.)

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  1. Dan Palmer

    I’ve just had some peanut butter M&M’s my mate brought back from USA … why on earth don’t we get em here? They’re lush! lol

  2. Dan Palmer

    ops … think I wrote this in the wrong place … sorry 🙁

  3. Sarah Lund

    Funny you should mention comtamination problems with Cadbury’s. I remember my stomach feeling pretty dodgy after eating any of their products. Do i trust them after this? No. Any manufacturer can pretend they do standard checks. We need to be sure they do, too.

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