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Cadbury Boost can best be summed up in two words. “Broken” and “Starbar“.

Cadbury Boost


The branding may be completely different, but as you can see when we cut the Boost in half, it looks quite similar to the Starbar:

Cadbury Boost

The only difference is that Boost has had all the good stuff taken out and (from a quick glance at the ingredients) replaced with all sorts of artificial rubbish – that doesn’t taste particularly nice.

The peanuts and crisped rice of the Starbar have been replaced by copius quantities of an overly-sweet, glucose-syrupy-truffle substance and bits of “biscuit”. The result is a heavy – almost stodgy – and sweet bar, which is quite hard to eat, and doesn’t taste of anything much.

Cadbury use the strapline “Charged with glucose” on Boost, which in itself is a bit odd. Roughly translated, this means “packed full of sugar”. I can only think they’re positioning it as some kind of energy bar. It’s pretty high in calories (310 / bar), so that’s possibly the only way they can sell it.

According to Wikipedia, Cadbury have changed the branding and ingredients of both Boost and Starbar over the years, which would seem to indicate they don’t quite know what to do with them. I can see why.

I don’t have anything against Boost. But when your unique selling point is that you’re loaded with sugar, it’s hardly surprising Cadbury don’t know how to position it.

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  1. Ha ha ha, excellent review! 🙂
    It’s amazing how many people don’t understand that glucose, maltrose, etc. all mean sugar. Even my very well educated sister tried to tell me once that honey doesn’t contain sugar! Ah, well…

  2. chocgal:)

    omg! i love the boooost bar! it deff gives me a boost its the most yummiest chocolatiest bar of cadburys! :p :p

  3. Craig Smallman

    Whats glucose? is it healthy?

  4. Glenn Hutchinson

    I love it 🙂

  5. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Craig: Glucose is just a kind of sugar.

  6. gah

    There seems to be a new boost in the UK with is about 1/3 the thickness it used to be. Doubt i’ll be buying another anytime soon.

  7. Elmarto

    This is among the chocolate bar gods, i’m talking Daim/dream territory. If your on the munchies look no further. BOOOOOOOST

  8. alan

    Boosts are lovely! lol far nicer than the Starbar.. I’ve never come across any crisped rice in a Star Bar yet lol Boosts have alovely chocolately truffley centre although I do agree with the glucose claim- just aswell its been removed on the new look bars! lol

  9. Joy

    Boosts are my favourite chocolate bar, only one thing wrong, I have never opened one without it sticking to the wrapper, why is it the toffee has always seeped onto the wrapper ??

  10. Garrison Todlington

    Chadley potato craft. Staddle pop. Brop-tang. Howsey!

  11. Timothy Penwood-Price

    Firstly, could I just say Joy that I couldn’t agree more with your comments. The caramel seepage problem does put a dampener on the otherwise extraordinary experience of inhaling a BOOST.

    Secondly, the “copius quantities of an overly-sweet, glucose-syrupy-truffle substance” is surely a selling point?! The reviewer clearly needs to man-up and learn how to appreciate a good thing when he tastes it…!

  12. Timothy Penwood-Price

    Only joking! It was a great review – I’m just overly protective of my favourite choc bar!

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