Venchi Chocaviar

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I suppose you’d be forgiven for thinking that the man who has tasted chocolate coated ants and tree sap chocolate (and still has to eat that @*!! scorpion) is about to review chocolate coated caviar, but thankfully you’re wrong.

To be honest I think chocolate and caviar are unlikely to ever be available as a pairing (unless someone like Paul A Young reads this and decides to prove me wrong). No, dear reader, I’m happy to report that the ‘90% Cocoa, Extra Quality’ seal design gives the game away. Pop the top of this jar and inside you’ll find 40g of tiny, purply-red ‘eggs’ of dark, ‘extra bitter’ chocolate.

Ah, novelty chocolate. That difficult area for years it seemed that nobody could be bothered to make the effort to produce something that was actually worth eating. Thankfully these days the likes of Rococo Chocolate and even Sainsbury’s (their giant chocolate Easter Bunny is certainly a bargain) have managed to come up with the goods, and I couldn’t help but remember the Venchi Cigar I reviewed a couple of years ago – another winner.

Again, this is really good chocolate. At 90% cacao it could have been a tongue-shriveller but the ‘extra fondente’ part of the description (‘melt in the mouth’) is also very true. The little grains of chocolate melt into a smooth paste in seconds, creating a burst of acidity which is quickly followed by a flood of rich, robust cacao with lots of fruity, woody top notes. as you might expect, superb with a good strong cup of coffee and possibly the most ‘accessible’ 90% chocolate I’ve come across.


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  1. I literally gasped when I saw your tweet. This looks AMAZING

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