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Rausch Tembadoro

Single origin Trinidadian chocolate.

Rausch Amacado

A 60% dark chocolate made from Peruvian beans.

Rausch Plantagen Selection (Part 2)

Note: You can read Deanna’s take on Rausch’s El Cuador and Puerto Cabello bars here. Having already tasted, enjoyed and reviewed the first four lighter blocks of the Rausch Plantagen variety (cocoa solids ranging from 35% Noumean to 47% Costa …

Rausch Plantagenwelt Selection

Rausch (www.rausch-schokolade.com) is a German chocolatier that Rainer and Oliver from Premier Food and Beverages are bringing out to Australia. Rausch is a family-owned, third-generation company that has been making chocolate since 1918. In more recent years they’ve established their …

Rausch Puerto Cabello and El Cuador

These two very thin 40 gram bars are German (despite the Spanish plantation names), with each being divided into six pieces. I found them in a handy sale, but seem to have made a mistake in not buying more. I’ll …
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