Rausch Puerto Cabello and El Cuador

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Rausch Puerto Cabello and El Cuador

These two very thin 40 gram bars are German (despite the Spanish plantation names), with each being divided into six pieces. I found them in a handy sale, but seem to have made a mistake in not buying more. I’ll just pretend I was purposefully exercising self-control by only getting these two.

The 43% Puerto Cabello (Venezuela origin) has a very good amount of flavors for a milk chocolate. Berries and vanilla and a pretty strong milky taste for being so high up in percentage. I’ve had some wonderful milk chocolates, but never one so intriguingly flavorful as this one. Both bars are described as having a “full bodied mild taste,” and I have to agree with that slight irony.

Rausch Puerto Cabello and El Cuador

The 70% El Cuador (Ecuador origin) only has three ingredients: chocolate liquor, cane sugar, and cocoa butter. So it naturally tastes a lot like cocoa powder. Dark, yet not bitter. It also has a slight banana taste as it finishes off. I’m not quite as keen on this one, but it’s still not bad.

I’m probably not going to run into Rausch again anytime soon, but if I do, some more investigation will be necessary. Both of these bars are very simple, but still different from the average find and quite worthwhile. Especially all the depth that manages to make its way into the creaminess of the milk chocolate.


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  1. Oh Snap, Deanna! I’ve been given eight BLOCKS of all the origin bars they’ve made and done my review of the first four (ranging from 35% to 47%). Just five minutes I tried the second four blocks (60% to 80%), so hopefully the delightful Dom will put them up as a companion piece to yours.

  2. Oliver

    OK Kath, I know you’re dedicated, but please tell me that you posted your comment at 2.47am UK time!

  3. Wow, Kath, there’s really something creepy going on in Chocablog. I used to think I wouldn’t have to worry much about someone else reviewing the same thing as me, but now there are so many doubles.

  4. Er sorry Oliver, it was mid-morning Aussie time – I was sipping coffee and eating chocolate!

    Deanna – doubling up is fine, because it means we’ve all found something that intrigues us all and our views can vary. Plus, couldn’t we just stroke each other’s ego and say, “Great minds think alike” ?

  5. Yeah, they sure taste great. Just swallowed the Puerto Cabello.

    And – funnily enough – the german word ‘Rausch’ means ‘intoxication’.


    • ZXG

      In fact, it is not “Rausch” but “Raüsch” and it is the name of a clan of the these chocolate manufacturer.

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