Rausch Amacado

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Rausch Amacado 60% Bitter Dark Chocolate

This is one of a trio of 40g sticks of chocolate by German chocolate maker Rausch, each named after the plantation that the cacao was grown on. In this instance the Amacado plantation is located in Peru, and I’m very happy to report that the cacao mass and cacao butter are two of only three ingredients in this chocolate. This makes it one of the ‘cleanest’ chocolates I’ve had in a while.

The slender stick is divided into six small ingots, each bearing the Rausch name. The chocolate is dark and glossy and has good deep fruity aromas. With a 60% cacao content this isn’t what we normally refer to as ‘dark’ chocolate, but it certainly isn’t milk or ‘bittersweet’ chocolate, although it does lack some of the real depth of higher cacao content products. The first impression I got from tasting this chocolate was a light, slightly sweet set of flavours, with light, fruity acidity underpinned by red fruit and a hint of woodiness. The finish is long and clean, with those light cacao notes persisting throughout.

While writing this review, I remembered that I had reviewed something remarkably similar from Marks & Spencer about twelve months ago, and a look back at that review had me thinking how similar this bar was to the M & S version. It was definitely as easy to dispose of as its British made counterpart, and given that I bought this in a supermarket several thousand miles away I would suggest a trip to M & S might be a little easier should you wish to sample some Peruvian chocolate. That said, if you’re out and about in europe I woudl definitely keep and eye out for Rausch’s distinctively long, thin bars.


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  1. Ana

    I love it!

    I like Rausch single origin chocolates in general. They’re also available in other formats – as big 100g bars (divided into 2 x 9 squares) and in an assortment box called Rausch Plantagenwelt (4 milk varieties and 4 dark ones as individual ingots).

  2. Sandy

    I just found this bar in Dallas, TX USA at Central Market for anyone in the area who would like to try it. It was wonderfully smooth, clean and perfect bite sizes. When eating it I found it to be the perfect fit for me as far as “dark” chocolates go – not too dark/bitter. Afterwards though, I found my mouth felt “dry” and was left with bitter after tones (for me) … and wanting a drink. I guess this is why I often tend towards semi-sweet chocolates.

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