Pierre Marcolini Dark Chocolate Marshmallows

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Those of you who follow Chocablog on Twitter and Facebook will know that recently we spent a day as guests of Pierre Marcolini at his factory in Brussels.

One of the things we saw being made was these vanilla and dark chocolate marshmallows. We had the chance to try these straight off the production line, and were lucky enough to receive this box in a little bag of goodies we were given as we left.

As chocolate makers go, Pierre Marcolini is a bit special. Nearly all chocolatiers buy in their chocolate chocolate from large, multi-national corporations. Those who actually chocolate from the bean, don’t generally make filled chocolates from it themselves. Pierre Marcolini does all of this from a compact factory on the outskirts of Brussels. They source the beans from around the world, roast, grind, conch and refine the chocolate before making it into truffles, pralines, bars and other novelties.

We’ll have a full report and video from our visit to Pierre Marcolini over on our sister site World Chocolate Guide soon as well as more reviews here, but let’s start with these fluffy cubes of goodness.

These marshmallows are made in giant, pillow-like slabs which are then cut into squares roughly an inch across with bladed rollers. They then pass through a curtain of dark chocolate which enrobes them in a thin layer, before cooling and being enrobed again to double the thickness of the chocolate.

As chocolate coatings go though, it’s still quite thin. It takes no effort at all to bite through the chocolate, revealing the fluffy center within.

Texture-wise, the marshmallow is closer to a Tunnocks Tea Cake than those bags of cheap, pink marshmallows you find in the supermarket. It’s light and fluffy, with a delicate flavour. It’s not too sweet and it’s so light that it quickly melts away, leaving only the rich dark chocolate.

The chocolate itself is only 59% cocoa solids, but works well with something as sweet as marshmallow. I know a lot of people dislike them intensely, but I happen to enjoy them as an occasional treat. Overall, it’s what I would class as high-end confectionery rather than serious chocolate, but it’s one of those things that’s very difficult to stop eating once you start.

Pierre Marcolini does have an online shop that delivers to the UK, but these currently aren’t listed. They are currently working to add more products to the store, but if you’re particularly interested in the marshmallows, just drop them an email and tell them Chocablog sent you.


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