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Zokoko is an Australian bean-to-bar chocolate maker. Unlike the Daintree Estates chocolate we reviewed recently though, this bar doesn’t use Australian grown beans. Instead, the beans from this bar are harvested wild in Bolivia, so has more in common with Rasmus Bojesen’s wild Bolivian chocolate.

First things first; the packaging. I really like it. A slick black box with an embossed logo that slides open to reveal the gold wrapped bar under a flap of card with a picture of jewels.

The bar inside the wrapper is just as impressive. It’s not the biggest in the world at 85g, but it feels hefty with seven big chunks, each embossed with the Zokoko logo. From the moment you pick up the box to the moment you put the first chunk in your mouth, it looks and feels like a quality product. It has a glossy appearance and a rich, fruity aroma that makes it almost irresistible.

One thing this has in common with the Daintree Estates chocolate is the texture. Plenty of cocoa butter ensures that glossy finish translates to a beautifully smooth mouthfeel. The chocolate melts slowly at first, taking a moment for the flavours to start to come through. When they do though, the flavours take you on a wonderful journey with caramel, tanin and red fruit notes.

It’s no suprise that this chocolate won a bronze medal in last year’s Academy Of Chocolate Awards, it’s quite difficult to put down. Unfortunately it’s not very easy to get hold of outside Australia yet, but if you speak nicely to the Zokoko people, you might be able to get hold of some. It’s worth it if you can.


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  1. This chocolate should be compared with Felchlin / Confissery Spruengli “Cru Sauvage” and not with Bojesen. The notion to compare or mention Daintree Estates is not clear. Tranquilidad is an “estate wild cocoa woodland” and Daitree is what?

    • Dom (Chocablog Staff)

      Difficult to compare it to something I’ve never had!

      I compared it to Bojesen, simply because it’s made with Bolivian beans and with Daintree because they’re another Australian bean-to-bar producer. Simple.

      • Hi Dom: Understood, but if you can compare both with the Cru Sauvage as this was the first in 2004 ever bean-to-bar chocolate made from Bolivian Wild Beans outside Bolivia. To your knowledge, Bojesen is giving the impresion that the cacao from Baures is a Criollo variety which is not. It is an endemic to the Beni/Pando region newly (re)discovered forastero with very small beans.

  2. Would love to ty that, the packaging is awesome! Hopefully the chocolate tastes as good as the package seems to be 🙂

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