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This is perhaps the simplest bar of chocolate I’ve reviewed on Chocablog, right down to the packaging – a thin silver pouch, sealed with a single ‘Bojesen’ sticker. This is clearly a bit different from your average chocolate.

The chocolate is made in Denmark by Rasmus Bo Bojesen, and sold in the UK, exclusively through our friends at Chocolate & Love.

Once you’re inside, it doesn’t look quite like your average chocolate either. Partly due to the lack of solid packaging, and partly to the way it’s been made, the chocolate looks a little the worse for wear. It’s a bit battered and doesn’t have much of a glossy shine to it.

But then, there’s only two ingredients in this. Wild, organically grown Criollo cocoa beans and cane sugar. There’s no emulsifiers to bring it all together and no vanilla to hide any bad flavours. Any flaws in this chocolate are going to be immediately obvious.

But aside from the initial appearance of the chocolate, I can’t find anything bad to say about it. It has a beautiful snap, and being a thin bar, it easily breaks into small pieces. At £9.50 a bar, you’ll want to savour this chocolate, so small chunks are good!

It’s a 70% dark chocolate and obviously not the smoothest or most refined chocolate in the world, but it melts beautifully on the tongue, and releases flavours that I can only describe as…. chocolatey!

It reminds me of when I first had dark chocolate as a child, after only having known the sweetest milk chocolate. The fact that I could actually taste the chocolate, rather than just sugar and milk powder was a revelation. The actual flavour in this bar is, of course, much more refined, but the experience of tasting it is the same.

Sure, it’s light, sweet and subtly fruity, but the overwhelming feeling I get from eating it is that this is how I always wanted chocolate to taste as a kid. It just makes me happy.

Of course, by the time you get your hands on a bar, it may be completely different. With chocolate produced in small quantities like this, every batch is going to be subtly different from the last. But I have no doubt that what ever he comes up with next, it’ll be worth trying.


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  1. Looks great. But almost £10 a bar… jeez that hurts. How many grams is 1 bar then?

  2. Hayden Cavendish

    Why does the photo look like a bar of Chocolat Poulain’s ‘1888’ dark chocolate?

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