World Market Chili and Lime Dark Chocolate

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World Market Chili and Lime Dark Chocolate

Lime is one of the divine foods, on par with butter and honey. Naturally, then, I got excited over seeing this bar, even if chili chocolates are fast becoming common. Chili coupled with lime, though, I was hoping would have some of the addictive feel of other chili/lime combinations.

The chocolate is dark for only 64%, with a strong chili smell. It feels velvety, building slowly up to the spice of the chipotle that starts to coat your throat. But where’s the lime? I can’t really taste it, but it seems like its essence is in the stinging aftertaste. It’s similar to the addictive feel, only you’re happy to just stick with the lingering taste instead of quickly having more. If you do keep on eating, your mouth already seasoned to it, then the spice isn’t so much of a shocker and you can taste some of the chocolate’s sweetness.

World Market Chili and Lime Dark Chocolate

One of the pieces broken in two is good for me. And the aftertaste, by far the best part, lasts for minutes after. Ten? Fifteen? Doing a little math here, that means you can get five to seven hours out of one bar! I doubt most people will be in a hurry (even if it takes them less than seven hours) to finish it; it’s one to savor. Certainly more interesting than the plain World Market bar I tried before.


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  1. I didn’t even know that World Market had their own chocolate line! I haven’t been there in months, but it seems like I had better go check it out!

  2. I did a review of the triple berry dark chocolate bar and felt it was delicious, you can’t buy the organic dark chocolate bars from their website, which is really a shame.

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