World Market Dark Chocolate 72%

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World Market Dark Chocolate 72%

Finally I get around to World Market’s chocolates, starting with this basic dark bar. It has the same packaging as their other products, imitating a box wrapped up for shipping.

On the other side of the paper and foil, the bar kind of looks like a sheet of uncut Lego blocks, but the strong smell with the slightest touch of spice is encouraging. They call it “a full roasted, intense dark chocolate flavor with the slightest hint of sweetness and earth tones.” When I started tasting it, I thought maybe you could trade “earth” for “dirt” tones, but I realized in the same instant that most people don’t like to associate dirt flavors with the things they eat.

World Market Dark Chocolate 72%

But I’m not saying anything negative; I’m just thinking of a coolness inside warmth and an almost frothy essence. There’s more than a hint of sweetness, though, even if that isn’t the biggest focus. Nice melting pace and a very fine consistency that I love.

It really isn’t my favorite, though certainly enjoyable. But everything about it tells me it’s perfectly suited for the “average person’s major chocolate fix.” My guinea pigs, er, friends, agreed that it’s great for their personal chocolate stashes. For those who get a little too frightened by other dark chocolates, but still want something a bit special.


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