Wedel Cherry Milk Chocolate

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Wedel Cherry Milk Chocolate

Like most British towns, we now have a Polish Shop (Polski Sklep for those who want to learn a little Polish) and of course it occurred to me that where there’s a specialist shop, there’s usually specialist chocolate. I wasn’t wrong – my local ‘Sklep’ has a good half dozen or more types of this – Wedel Milk Chocolate.

Spoiled for choice as I was, I plumped for the Cherry filled bar. Cherry bars are still fairly rare beasts, and I’m quite partial to cherries anyway, so it seemed like a good choice.

Now Poland isn’t a place you’d normally associate with great chocolate. On the contrary, my experiences of Polish confectionery (as supplied by Grandmother and Aunt over a number of years) have been uniformly disappointing, but I was prepared to put this all behind me and to approach this bar with a fresh attitude.

The bar itself looked fine, and smelled suitably cherry-like, if a little on the sugary side. A glance at the ingredients explained why – 11g of a 20g serving IS sugar. The chocolate itself is only 31% cocoa solids as well, so basically what we have here is a mixture of sugar and fats, with some creamy filling and a little cherry jam.

Wedel Cherry Milk Chocolate

This might well appeal to those of you who love sweet sweets, but to my mind this was nothing more than over-sugared cheap, nasty chocolate. It’s a little like Cadbury’s Dairy Milk with extra sugar and a bit of jam and cream filling. There’s nothing particularly good about it, it doesn’t taste all that nice and from the look of the ingredients it isn’t that good for you either. Needless to say, I won’t be rushing back to the Sklep to sample any more Wedel Bars.


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  1. Rachel

    Aww, it looks so yummy aswell. 🙁

  2. Lou

    Please stop the testing on animals. It is inhumane and so so wrong. It makes so many people suffer to know what you are doing.

  3. Simon


    As far as I know, Chocablog is not tested on animals, and the only suffering I can think of might be a slight toothache from time to time.

    I think you are slightly confused.

  4. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Simon: It’s a little known fact that I don’t talk about very often, but I do in fact force a small army of fluffy kittens to read Chocablog every night…

  5. Ok, maybe Wedel isn’t the best, but try this

  6. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Zosienka: We’ve already reviewed some Goplana chocs, although it does appear to have disappeared from my local shop lately:

  7. Dan

    Forget Goplana, go with Solidarnosc, they ahve by far the best flavored polish chocolates, not overly sweet, very flavorful and still polish owned:

  8. Weronika

    you should try Ptasie Mleczko by Wedel. As opposed to chocolate that you described it is really good. Try Kukulki too 🙂 mmmmm…

  9. Turuso

    This e wedel chocolate is sheer cherry liquid wonderment! You people who dont enjoy it stay away from Polski you turd burgalars

  10. Simon,

    If you didn’t like this one, simply don’t try other FILLED Wedel bars (all of the follow the same template). Other (solid ones) are quite OK.

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