Goplana Klasyczna Gorzka Karmelowa

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No, I haven’t just banged my head on the keyboard or typed random letters in no particular order. That’s what this chocolate is called.

GoplanaIt’s a well-known fact that 97% of all Polish people live in London these days. It’s also a well-known fact that 97% of statistics (including the previous one) are made up on the spot. But whatever the real statistic, suffice to say lots of Polish people live here.

One of the benefits of this is that you can buy Polish food just about anywhere. This little bar came from my local sweet shop, and although I had no idea what it was when I bought it, I swear it jumped up and down saying “Buy Me!” when it saw me looking.

Little did I know I was buying one of the nicest chocolates I’ve tasted all year.

As far as I can make out, a rough translation of the name is “Classic Bitter Caramel”. And that’s exactly what this is. A wonderful dark chocolate with a heavenly filling.

GoplanaAccording to the ingredients on the label (helpfully available in English), the cocoa content is 60%, although it tastes a little stronger to me. But it’s smooth and creamy with just the right bitterness to sweetness ratio.

But the real surprise is the filling. It’s a soft creamy caramel made with condensed milk and it’s absolutely packed with flavour. It has a slightly smokey, slightly custardy flavour – the closest taste comparison I can think of is to something like a crème caramel. It’s smooth to the point of being silky, and it’s utterly, utterly divine. Nothing like the “slightly heated corn syrup” that often passes for caramel these days.

Being imported from Eastern Europe, the price was great too. At 65p for a 90g bar, this is absolutely something I’ll be buying again.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after a year of Chocablogging it’s that people’s tastes in chocolate vary considerably. But for me, this is one of the nicest chocolates I’ve tasted in a long time, and will certainly be on my shortlist for next year’s Chocster Awards.


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  1. Rotfl 🙂 These chocolate names really are so hard to pronounce? It’s just means it’s “classic bitter with caramel from Goplana”.

    Great blog, anyway. I wish I was a few years younger (and few hundreds chocolates lighter) to have my own…

  2. Agnieszka

    Yeah, polish chocolate is one of the best in the world ^^
    Anyway, very funny blog.
    I like it ^^

  3. Joe Gorzka

    I am looking to purchase some of the Gorzka candy bars in the USA. Can you help me with a name of a on line store that carries them.

  4. matt tusinski


  5. Mary

    Matt you can buy Goplana bars at the Butera Market in Algonquin–probably at the others too in their polish section

  6. Magda

    It’s nice to hear, that chocolate from my city was taste by somebody from another countrie, unfortunately month ago somebody closed the first shop of Goplana in Poznań. It was there since 1931!!! It was famoust place, not only for polish people. I dont know why is happing, maybe because people preffer cheap and artificial food then normal.
    Thanks for this article, i hope that goplana will never change

  7. Saffie x

    This sounds beautiful. Dom, where did you purchase this? I would love to try.

    • Dom (Chocablog Staff)

      This review was 4 years ago, but I found them in my local newsagent at the time. You might be able to find them online somewhere (Google the name), or you might just have to find a Polish friend!

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