Von Geusau Dark Cherry

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Guest Chocablogger Natasha Faria is back with something interesting from South Africa…

Von Geusau Dark Cherry

All of Von Geusau’s chocolates are well-packaged, but the colour-coded foil really adds a special bit of flair – as do the hand-written, colour-coded labels. From every aspect of these chocolates, it is clear that they are made with care and special, individual attention.

It should also be mentioned that Richard, the gentleman I spoke to about sending me some of these, is fantastically helpful, remarkably generous and infinitely patient. Now THAT’S the kind of person you should be buying chocolate from.

Von Geusau Dark Cherry

This specific one was lovely – a good dark sheen on the fabulously decorated slab (monogrammed – how chic!), a very satisfying and solid snap as I broke it along the lines and delightful portions. This is just right for a person to share with their partner – two corners for him, two corners for me, and the middle piece for me to sneak before bedtime.

Although the scent of the cherry was not noticeable upon opening the package, it was once I began nomming. It’s a lovely woody kind of cherry – nothing artificial here. You can almost taste the cherry pit, in that the chocolate carries a very subtle and natural cherry flavour. The chocolate itself is smooth, and is well-married with the woody and slightly sweet but very sophisticated taste of the cherry.

Although none of the Von Geusau slabs carry an indication of ingredients, they are all 50g (but supply the satisfaction of a much larger slab) and you never feel cheated. The chocolate is excellent quality, the flavours are inventive and well-combined, both in terms of the flavours that are used together and how well they match the chocolate, and it is clear that effort and thought have gone into every stage of the process. I highly recommend this chocolatier – even if you mortals have to pay for a small piece of heaven.


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  1. tania

    I bought 5 50g slabs of Von Geusau chocolate at Cavier V&A and I was appalled at the lack of quality! I come from a chocolate background in terms of knowledge and found what was meant to be a premium chocolate VERY SADLY LACKING in taste, final finish and delivery (foil sticking to chocolate), lack of balance on flavours, lack of overall quality. General aweful taste.

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