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I know: I’ll apologise now. We have Simon finding us such rare treats as cedar sap chocolates and stuff from Slovenia, Dom showing us how to make a decent hot chocolate drink and Deanna showing us that the US is more than just Hideous Hersheys and yet it’s me, the Bogan of the crew, who regularly lowers the tone.

So, in keeping with my character, there I was this morning, clad in my cleanest grey tracksuit pants pushing through the hordes of pensioners looking for cheap biscuits down at my local supermarket when I saw a new Twix on the horizon: Caramel Latte. Of course, I bought two of them and two of the originals in order to compare the classic with the newbie.

Mars own the Twix brand and are, to use an Aussie term, “Crackin’ a Cadbury” by reducing the weight of the newer flavour in order to sell it for the same price as the original bar. I’m being nitpicky here though, because there’s only a 3 gram differential – 58g for the bog-standard Twixaroonie, and 55g for the Caramel Latte but I’m mentioning it here so that the big boys know that we little folk ARE aware of their little schemes to maximise profits by surreptitiously reducing sizes.

Love Chunks (my partner in crime because he was working from home today and insisted that a happy marriage means sharing everything) and I had a reminder taste of the original. Always good. Nice crunchy biscuit centre, sweet soft flowing caramel, pleasant enough milk chocolate. I’ve always liked them, but never found them particularly filling (that’s why I bought two but forgot about Love Chunks being home), so have tended not to buy them when I’m hungry and have overlooked them when craving some top quality dark stuff.

As the wrapper opened on the new bar, a really noticeable and inviting smell of coffee wafted up which is a nice touch for a pedestrian bar. As you can see if they were taken out of their packets and swapped you’d be struggling to tell the difference between them, so the sweet coffee smell would help.

“Mmm hmmm, this coffee one is so much better,” murmured Love Chunks, who’d thoughtfully poured himself a glass of icy cold iced coffee to accompany it. I agree entirely. Still the same crunchy biscuit and Okey Dokey milk chocolate covering and the caramel is exactly the same consistency albeit with a nice, latte-flavour inserted. No actual ‘coffee’ is listed in the ingredients, so it’s a victory for chemicals and additives in this case.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    The only reason we don’t have much of the basic everyday chocs on Chocablog is because we reviewed most of them two years ago. But they are equally welcome here. 🙂

  2. babycakes=)

    wow!! where can i get myself some of these…i adoooore twix lol

  3. SarahLund

    ANOTHER version of Twix that I didn’t know about :D. I’ll keep a look out. I’ll see if I can find any on an internet shopping site. Hopefully I will.

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