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With a single ingredient (chocolate) and no cooking involved, this isn’t really a recipe, but it’s still a great idea for a hot or cold drink.

The idea is simple; take some chocolate and blitz it in a blender or food processor (smaller pieces melt easier). Melt it with a little milk or water (you can use a microwave or a pan), then add hot or cold milk.

I made mine with left-over chocolate from reviews. All good stuff, but I just hadn’t managed to finish it.

Of course the best part is that you can use your favourite chocolate, or even create your own blends (how about 75% Lindt dark chocolate with 25% Dairy Milk for a little sweetness?). The main thing to keep in mind is that you want to use solid chocolate, rather than anything with a soft centre, which is just going to go icky and sticky!

Top Tips

  • For best result, put the chocolate in the fridge for 30 minutes before blitzing.
  • Store your chocolate pieces in a sealed jar in the fridge so they don’t melt.
  • Use a good quality chocolate and don’t add sugar – at least until you’ve tasted the final product. The chances are you won’t need to add any more.
  • After melting 4-5 teaspoonfuls in a little milk, try adding vanilla ice cream and return the mix to the blender for a delicious thick milk shake.
  • Experiment! But however tempting it may be, do not use Creme Eggs. Trust me.

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