Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Bon Bons

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Trader Joe's Ice Cream Bon Bons

Being that I was already at the store on Chocablog’s fourth birthday, I thought it only fitting to pick something celebratory up. The frozen isle at Trader Joe’s has some tempting-looking desserts; I opted for the more average Ice Cream Bon Bons since they can easily be divided into as many (or as few) servings as you’d like and because of their friendly $3.69 price tag.

The twelve bon bons sit in a plastic tray to keep them safely intact; not a single one was damaged. They’re about an inch and a half across, mainly consisting of chocolate ice cream. On the bottom is a so-called “chocolate cookie crust.” Such a name implies a harder, more crunchy texture; what we really have is more like very dense cake, which I find all the better. To finish off, the whole thing is covered in chocolate. The shell is a proper thickness, neither too flimsy to hold its contents nor too thick to easily give when you bite in.

Trader Joe's Ice Cream Bon Bons

The cookie bit is what singles these out. It gives you the chocolate fix you can’t get from mere ice cream. It also adds a depth of richness and fudge flavor, improving the whole lot. The outer chocolate is probably the sweetest of the three, making for a nice lingering taste. Only problem is, being mostly ice cream, you have to eat these at the right temperature. Straight from freezer to mouth and they’re not quite right; victims of a Chocablogger’s camera aren’t in the best shape, either. They’re at their best when you allow them to thaw in just about the time it takes to arrange them on a plate, set the plate on a table, and sit down. Ideal, right? Well, yes, if you’re the only person. But these look to be designed with entertaining in mind, in which case you’ll want to be quick to keep them from melting.

I do love their size. Three makes for a good serving (there are twelve per box); the four I had the first time got to be too sweet towards the end. You can also pair just one or two with another small dessert to give the appearance of spending much time and effort on the combination. By no means are these gourmet, but they’re of good quality.


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    What is the name of the Bon bon’s that have vanilla in the middle?

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