Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate With Toffee, Walnuts & Pecans

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Trader Joe Toffee - Box

Because I live in Canada, I’ve never actually set foot in any of Trader Joe’s stores but I hear they are magical places full of all kinds of goodies at reasonable prices. That isn’t an endorsement or anything, it is just what I’ve heard from friends who have fallen under Joe’s spell.

One of those friends sent me a bar of chocolate so I could see what all the fuss is about. A cursory look at the rather pretty box led me to believe that this was something I’d really like because it ticked quite a few of my boxes. I like toffee in my chocolate, and I’m a big fan of walnuts too – the pecans were simply an added bonus.

The chocolate is rather nondescript. Even at 70% cocoa solids, it doesn’t have much in the way of depth and is simply something to mix all the other stuff into.

Trader Joe Toffee - Detail

That might not be entirely fair though because it might just be that it is completely overwhelmed by the little chunks of toffee which are definitely the star of the show. Or at least they are if you like your toffee a little bit on the burnt side, which I do. There’s also a healthy dose of sea salt thrown in too, and that makes periodic appearances as you munch away.

Sadly the pieces of nuts are rather small and don’t really add much to the entire experience. Personally, I’d have rather had a bit more nuttiness considering they get equal billing on the box and even if the pieces were big enough to add some crunch then I’d at least know they were there.

Considering that this only costs a couple of dollars, this is a perfectly acceptable bar of chocolate but that price tag should also bring some lowered expectations with it too. The bar is definitely a little one note but that’s ok if it’s a note that you enjoy. It isn’t enough to turn me into a Trader Joe’s convert, but chances are I’ll seek one out next time I’m south of the border.


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