Toms Skildpadde Bar

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Every once in a while I like to review something a little different from the fine dark chocolate we normally write about. Something sweet, sickly, or just plain weird. If only to remind myself just how much the chocolate I eat now is compared to what I used to eat.

My go-to place for sweet, sticky confections is Cybercandy. They have several shops throughout the UK, but their store in Garrick Street is one of those places that I find it very difficult to walk past without going in. Yes, I feel guilty. Stop looking at me like that.

Cybercandy specialise in hard to find imported confectionery. They don’t sell fine chocolate. But I was still quite excited when they got in touch and asked if we’d like some review samples.

Small problem. I looked through their website, and the majority of chocolate products they had are things we’ve already reviewed at some point over the years. So I ended up with just a couple of bars that I hadn’t seen before, including this… thing.

“Skildpadde”, as I’m sure you know, is Danish for “turtle”. Toms are apparently known for their individual chocolate turtles. This bar version is made up of three conjoined milk chocolate turtles, with a gooey filling inside each shell.

The first thing I noticed was that the chocolate was a little bloomed, but that could be partly down to how I stored them.

The goo inside is described as “rum cream and caramel”, but really it’s just a rum-flavour gloop. As soon as I cut into it, it started to flow out and make a mess everywhere. The taste is like a cheap rum & raisin flavour chocolate bar, only sweeter.

The chocolate is a very basic 46% cocoa solids “dark” chocolate, and although it’s quite non-descript, it’s not offensive either. But you don’t really buy this for the chocolate, you buy it for the sugar hit. It certainly does its job on that front, although it’s by no means the sweetest bar I’ve ever tried. The rum-flavour caramel is kind of unusual, but if I’m buying weird foreign confectionery, I’m generally looking for something a bit more unusual than this.


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