Theo Chai Tea

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Can I love these Theo Chocolate people even more? This is a fantastic range of flavors. It doesn’t seem to get too in depth about the mystic flavors of the cacao bean; it just tastes amazing.

I was able to notice the milk chocolate’s pleasing color, rather dark, more this time with the absence of the hazelnut bits. The chai aroma is noticeably lighter than the Starbucks Chai Truffles. Those, though nice, were a bit of a shocker, so I thought this could be a pleasant change.

It was. The chai comes off sweet and warm, giving the already 40% milk chocolate an even darker feel. They melted together in a blessed union. And about that “melting”… I was so happy to find a slow-melting milk chocolate. I mean slow. Not all darks manage to stick around for this long, and many milks melt right when you touch them. However you prefer to eat your chocolate, this tastes just as wonderful.

Now I find myself wondering how many more Theo products I can find. Whatever the flavor, I think they’ll pull anything off. So whatever you come across, get it. It’s sure to be great.


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  1. Jayla

    The Theo coconut curry bar is also incredibly lovely–with a decent bit of heat! and the company’s ethics are wonderful as well.

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