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Here in Adelaide, South Australia, we have an annual Royal Agricultural Show. A hundred years ago it might have just focussed on livestock and who won the best handmade scones, but these days it’s about vomit-inducing rollercoaster rides, dodgy sideshow games and showbags.

Most showbags are for children but there are a couple that don’t necessarily contain chemically-coloured sherbet sticks, warheads and gummi bears. My favourite is that done by Swiss Glory, local chocolatiers that are owned and made by Swiss emigrants.

For twenty bucks (what’s that in English money – nine quid?) you get this:

Yes, there’s a gingerbread man or person lurking in there, but they gave me a free sample of this bread coated in dark chocolate, so he felt like a teasingly nude version of what they also offer.

I started with the white honeycomb first. White’s not really my thing, but the texture of this – both in flavour, smoothness and in the unusually thin bubble shape is mouth-wateringly fine. The two white truffles in the two triple truffle bags were also very smooth, filled with a milk chocolate creamy centre that reminded me of Lindor.

The bag of four milk chocolate coated macadamia nuts were a genuine surprise. The nuts were crunchy (as well as buttery – often macas can get stodgy and greasy if they’re too old) with a tiny layer of toffee to add to the crispness. I wish I had 444 instead of just four. The milk chocolates – truffles filled with coffee and a honey mixture and a wedge of their classic milk with layers of slivered almonds and a hazelnut praline stick – were all superb.

The two florentine biscuits were coated on their backs with milk chocolate which just blended so well with the honey, almonds, peel and cherries of the biscuit. They are small but very sweet and more than two would be too much. The milk chocolate teddy bear disappeared in a joyous instant.

The dark chocolate truffles were divine. One with an even darker, yet softer and creamier centre that literally exploded in my mouth and slapped awake any taste bud not yet paying attention (but in a good way) and the other with a rum-filled centre. Oh to be able to dive, face first into their dark truffle melting pot….!

If I get nothing else from the show (apart from a stomach ache, sore feet and an empty wallet), I get this showbag because everything in it is absolutely top quality every time.


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  1. What a magnificent “goody” bag. Gives me ideas for the coming holidays. Thanks for the great post. I especially love the chocolate covered gingerbreadman.

  2. Sofie Pinch

    Good Chocolate, good biscuits
    award wining truffles at the Adelaide show.
    My sister Rosanna Pinch works for Swiss Glory in Adelaide.

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