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Lindt LindorIf you’ve read more than four of my reviews, you probably know that I have a lot of time for the chocolatiers at Lindt. To date I have yet to come across a bar of Lindt chocolate that was anything other than excellent, and they’ve managed to create some pretty stunning flavour combinations to boot. (I think by now I ought to be on their Xmas card list as well!)

Well, when I spotted this one on the shelf I knew it was coming home with me, although it didn’t appear to hold any exciting new flavours for my palate.
What this bar’s about is chocolate with a chocolate filling – a melting chocolate filling no less.When I read that 50% of he ingredients are either cocoa or milk, so I knew I was in for a creamy milk chocolate experience.

However, when the time came to open it up and have a taste, I discovered I had committed something of a faux pas. I attempted to eat this bar at room temperature, which wasn’t just a mistake – it was very amusing. The bar was so soft it had become impossible to snap along the guides, and I was left holding what appeared to be a rubber bar, bending it to and fro and giggling at the way the bar just refused to give. Of course, I shoved it straight into the freezer for half an hour or so, and upon my return I was rewarded with a much better behaved bar.

Now my ‘bendy bar’ experience had already given me a pretty good idea of what to expect from this chocolate, but I still wasn’t prepared for just how amazingly soft and creamy the filling of this bar is. It is quite simply divine. as soon as you bite into it, the square of chocolate begins to melt away, releasing the fondant filling, which is pretty much like the chocolate itself – smooth, rich, creamy, and dangerously moreish. If you intend to share this bar, buy more than one, and if you’re eating it alone – well, buy more than one. It’s not cheap chocolate, but it’s damned good chocolate.

Once again Lindt have come up trumps and created something unique and incredibly tasty. I believe I have already credited their chocolatiers with supernatural powers, and this bar does nothing to dispel that opinion. Another winner from the Swiss!

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  1. Yes, LINDT is the holy grail of all things chocolate, but to my mind that bar looks like a flattened out Lindt ball? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that….)

  2. river

    Buying two goes without saying.

  3. LindtLover

    I became addicted to these while in St Lo, France.

    I find the bars are rather nicer than the balls.

  4. asma

    please can you tell me if Lindt chocolate contains alcahol

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