Starbucks Dark Chocolate

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Here is the dark-faced counterpart to the Starbucks Milk Chocolate, again without a cacao percentage listed. But what a handsome face it is: all those vines look nicer in dark than light.

This bar also shares the milk’s vanilla smell and taste. And you know what else? I think its just as sweet. It tastes of chocolate and sugar, with a tiny hint of bitterness. But what steps it up from other chocolates is that it maintains a smooth, yet not a sticky, texture. A quite nice one, as well.

So… it all gets back to what kind of chocolate you like. This one’s loaded with sugar, but it still manages to taste nice. It’ll suit the Starbucksers nicely, along with the milk chocolate friends and those of us dark friends who aren’t completely opposed to sugar. Because you know what, it actually is a sugar taste instead of a bizarre sweetness from who knows what.


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  1. Brian

    The $1.45 1.2oz bar, which may come from the same source… is made in Ireland!

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