Stabucks Gingerbread Latte Truffles

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Stabucks Gingerbread Latte Truffles

Gingerbread cookies always seem to be a bit Christmassy to me than mint flavored candy canes. They are equally “holiday”, but mint itself is around all year. For me, gingerbread only comes in once a year.

Quite naturally then, I found these seasonal Starbucks truffles to be just the thing for December. The packaging is similar to the usual Starbucks packs, with solid colors on the box. The warm, tangy smell made me worry that they would taste just like the Chai Truffles, but they’re definately their own.

Stabucks Gingerbread Latte Truffles

The ginger taste is dominant, giving way to the sweetness of the milk chocolate, which is the same one used before. Cinnamon lingers on as the aftertaste. Much too sweet and lovingly Christmas-like for my original chai-comparison. It wasn’t until I looked back at the box that I remembered the espresso. Its flavor is in there, but it sometimes gets more or less covered up by all the others.

Not all frilly like some holiday offerings, yet somehow I appreciate that here. It lets you buy something sophisticated-looking, not saying I necessarily by frills, that still tastes a little different.


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  1. Starbucks is a big company, i really like their coffee, except espresso 😉

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